Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Refections on the Adelaide Test

I have been an England fan for as long as I can remember. I have been hooked on watching my team play ever since I thought an over meant the number of times the ball went over the wicket. If GK Chesterton's "Great Scorer" exists then I will be an England fan for eternity. So it will take more than one humiliating defeat to make me indifferent.

I have supported this England team through the truly dark days; I was there at the Oval when defeat against New Zealand made us officially the worst team in the world. So why are the journalists describing this as one of the worst England defeats? It is because after two days it all looked so promising. As John Cleese's character said in the film Clockwise "I can handle the despair, it's the hope I can't stand."

The England Selectors should avoid scapegoats or otherwise the tour will turn into a rout. A full review can come later, in the meantime Panesar must be selected, probably in the place of Anderson, but the backbone of the team must remain the same.


Blogger MPHowler said...

I wonder how Andrew Strauss feels now about being pushed aside as captain? At least in his short reign, he motivated the team. Freddie all of a sudden seems a lame-duck - perhaps literally! The inspiration has gone, the bowling is going, the batting is nowhere to be seen!

Make Strauss captain for the rest of the series and, if Flintoff has to limp off home, call up Dalrymple as an off-spinning all-rounder to partner Monty! I was never happy about selecting two left arm spinners when the majority of the top Aussie batsmen are left-handers!

Mahmood in place of Giles keeps faith with the tradition of lower-order batting (he's probably a bigger hitter too) and Hoggard and Marmlesson should open the bowling! I can't believe how Harmy was treated by Flintoff...if you can't back him to do the job, don't select him, but to treat him as a first or second change bowler is bizarre - what message does that send out to the Aussies, and to Steve himself?

Oh, and Duncan Fletcher should put himself on the first flight home (a short hop to NZ?!) and, on the way there, he should pen his resignation to the ECB! To select an ill conceived squad is bad enough, but then to omit your best bowler in order to select a defensive spinner primarily for his batting ability (although where was he in the second innings at Adelaide?) is crazy!

The Australian team might be on the old side, but it still runs rings around the shambles that is England! How utterly, utterly embarrassing!!

9:49 pm  
Blogger CambournePat said...

I agree with you I would certainly appoint Strauss for the rest of the series, he could remind the team that the situation is desperate but not yet hopeless.

The problem with making a bowler captain is that he will never bowl himself at the right time. How often did Vaughan let Flintoff open the bowling?

Let's really embarrass the selectors and vote in Monty Panesar for BBC Sports Personality!

7:29 pm  

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