Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Boost For England: Trescothick Going Home

By returning home Trescothick has made the greatest contribution that he could possibly have made to England’s cause. It has been apparent to all but the selectors that he has been hopelessly out of form and to have forced him to continue his run of failures in the most eagerly awaited series in a generation would surely have been in contravention of his Human Rights. I am relieved to have been saved from the torture of watching any more single figure scores from a fallen giant, with feet (or should that be footwork?) of clay.

This is the second time he has quit an England tour because he can’t handle the pressure and the kindest thing for the selectors to do would be to thank Tresco for his memorable contributions in the past but make it clear that his international career is over. To be blunt he is an unreliable liability and must not prevent the progress of players like Alastair Cook.

I would strongly recommend Robert Key to replace Trescothick in the squad. This would be his second tour to Australia and he has been on the fringes of the side for some time. He deserves his chance.


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